On National Take The Stairs Day, We Burn Calories Not Electricity
It’s national take-the-stairs day. Hurray!

A day brought into existence by the government to motivate you to exercise. And no, the government doesn't just want to save electricity from elevator use. It's actually for health reason that taking the stairs is celebrated today.

It should come as no surprise that exercising is beneficial for your health. Maybe exercising was one of your New Year's resolutions.

Here is some word of encouragement for you! If going to the gym three times a week is too daunting. Or training for a 5K is not within your capabilities; fear not!

Every minute of physical activity counts! You don't have to pull on your workout gear to get your heart rate up and exercise your cardiovascular system.

Your heart is a muscle. And like any muscle, it requires training to become stronger. Cardio training—or just taking the stairs—is a great way to exercise your heart.

Remember that today when you take the stairs and feel your heart racing!